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1) Sensitive Drill Attachment

Item Code: NELSDA-XX

  • Developed by ASSORTS team & is exclusively available to us.
  • As the name suggests, designed & develped for holding and working with fine drills. The manual control on the drilling force helps reducing the breakage in fine holes with high accuracy.
  • Can fit to any lathe’s tailstock and is available in 2 & 3 Morse Taper.
  • The Front mounting can be provided by us with Taper or Thread for chuck mounting as required by any customer depending on his market needs.
  • Shank is precisely ground.
  Prod. Code  Shank Morse Taper Mounting For Chucks 
NESDA-2M2 MTAvailable in B12, B1, JT0, JT2 or Any Thread for mounting Drill chucks (Metric Or Imperial)

** Current supply would be with JT2 drill chuck. 

2) HV4 Rotary Table ( Table Diameter -110 mm)- 4 Slots

Item Code: NEMRT- HV4.4

  • Table Diameter : 110 mm (4-3/8″)
  • Table Height: 80 mm (3 -1/8″)
  • Worm Gear Ratio – 1:90, which means that 1 handle rotation shall turn the table by 4 Degrees.
  • Centre Bore of the Table MT2
  • Table Graduated 360 Degrees. Handwheel graduated in seconds.
  • Vernier scale is caliberated to 10 seconds.
  • 2 Oiling Points for a direct lubrication of the Table for longer life & better performance.
  • Can be clamped in Horizontal as well Vertical Position.

3) Ring Stretcher Enlarger Reducer Jewelry Bench Repair Tool Machine



  • 2 in 1 Heavy duty Ring stretcher & reducer for quickly resizing your rings and bands.
  • Vertical mandrel for enlarging rings
  • Smooth reducing plate
  • Suitable for any jewelry repair store or for personal use.
  • Maximum enlarging: 0-5 mm (***Generally this tool fixture will not expand more than 1 finger size.)


  • Dimensions: 17- 1/2″ x 7- 1/4″ x 4- 1/4″
  • Stretches and Reduces Rings & Bands 
  • Size Range: Rings & Bands 1-15
  • Reversible Base Plate Reduction Die 
  • Ring Expander utilizes a 4 segment spline enlarging system to uniformly enlarge rings.
  • Sizes H to Z wedding rings from 8 reversible holes
  • The base has to firstly be secured to your work surface by screwing it down with long screws or nuts and bolts on to a work surface (not supplied)