Rotary Table on the Lathe Vertical Slides

Rotary Table Fitted on Rotary Table

Item Code: NESERV-98.2

Specifications of Rotary Table:-

  • This Rotary Table has a Table diameter of 98 mm and fits into the myford vertical slide directly.
  • Base dimension of the table is 100 mm x 100mm x 55 mm .
  • Table is graduated 0- 360 degrees and works on a ratio of 60: 1, which basically means that 1 handle rotation would turn the table by 6 degrees. 

Specifications of the Vertical Slide:-

  • This is an accessory item compatible for Myford ML7 Lathes and other smaller mini lathes.
  • Table size is 125 mm x 100 mm. 
  • It has a reading bush at the handle for calculating accurate travel of the bed and hence a precise job.
  • The thread comes both in metric as well as Imperial standard as per customer’s market requirements.

81 thoughts on “Rotary Table on the Lathe Vertical Slides”

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