Magnetic Tools

Magnetic Post

Item Code: NEMP-1003

  • These have many applications like Magnetic Fastening, holding Maps etc.
  • Has a hole tapped with 1/4″ (20 TPI) 
  • Comes with plated cover on the Magnet.

Magnetic Link

Item Code: NEML-1002

  • Can be set at any angle by adjustment and locking of wing nut.
  • Each Block is 2″ x 1″ x 1″. Overall Length 4-5/8″ and Overall Width 2″

Welders Magnetic Link Clamp

Item Code: NEWMC-4

  • Widely used for Holding & Welding purpose.
  • Can be set at any angle by Size 4″ x 2- 5/8″ adjustment & locking of the wing nut.
  • Each Block measures 2″ x 1″ x 1″. Overall length & width is 4 -5/8″ x 2″

Carbide Tip Scriber with Magnetic Head

Item Code: NEMCMH-06

1). Carbide Tip to scribe even on hardest of the material. 

2). It can be hold in  a pocket too by removing the carbide tip and put back again in the pen after reversing its sharp edge.

3). Knurled Body for an excellent grip.

Magnetic Base with Safety Shield


  • Helps preventing accidents.
  • The magnet base grips both flat as well as round surfaces well.
  • Suits to lathes, grinders, shapers etc.
  • Comes with a crystal clear flat shield.
  • Shield swivels 360 degrees and locks in place.