Hand Vises (Vices)

Mini Hand-Held Vice

Item Code: NEMHV-13

  • Small Hand Vice is designed for a wide possible applications from Jwellery to Precision joinery work.
  • Clamp jaws are hardened steel.
  • Vise allows wire of thickness from 0.05 upto 3/32 Inch to hold and pass through the hollow handle and tightening screw.
  • Jaws Width: 3/8 Inch
  • Overall Length: 5 Inches

Mini Light Hand Drill 4-3/4 Inches

Item Code: NEMHDV-475

  • Mini Hand  Drill Vice- 43/4″
  • Hobbyist Hand Drill for making a hole in light materials.
  • Perfect for plastic boxes and most PCBs’

Wooden Ring Inside Outside Clamping Holding Hand Tools

Item Code: NEWRH-X

  • Made of Hardwood, Its a must set for every jweller whrther for making or repair job. These clamps can be used for various jobs of inside and outside holding of Rings or other delicate jwellery parts.

Item A- Ring Clamp Holder Hand Tool


  • Holds Ring without marring
  • Ring Clamp measures 6″ Long
  • Leather Jaws at Both Ends. Solid Construction- Metal Hinged.
  • Jaw Width -1″ Approx.

Item B- Outside Ring Clamp Holder- Large & Small Rings-Jwelery Working


  • Holds Ring on the outside in either of the 2 semi circular grooves. This feature gives a full access to the inside surfaces of large or small ring for polishing and any other engraving or texturing processes.
  • Overall Length: 7-3/4″ Inches with 2 grooves for Ring holding

Item C – Single End Ring Clamp Holder 6″- Leather Lined Jaws Jwelery Making Tool


  • Clamp Length 6″ 
  • Leather Lined Jaws 
  • Jaw Width: 1″ & 
  • Jaw Capacity : 1/4″ Thick Approx.

Mini Pick Up Hand Tool with Prongs

Item Code: NEMPT-X

  • This small but very useful hand tool comes with 3 and 4 wire prongs for positive secure gripping of small parts for picking, positioning them, and getting into difficult area.