Multi Face Texturing Hammer

Item Code: NEMTH-9

  • Designed to create pinpoint textures in a certain area.
  • Total 9 textures are included & each Tip is easily and securely attached with a thread collar. 
  • Each Tip Diameter is approx. 3/4″ & Overall Length of Hammer is 9- 1/2″ 

Hobby Hammer with Interchangeable Tips

Item Code: NEHIT-4

  • Hobby hammer with 2.5 oz. steel head & a steel handle with knurled body aluminum grip.
  • 6 Loose screw-on tips includes a brass flat, steel tapered, steel ball, steel dome, steel flat & plastic flat.
  • Use for driving pins and mini nails, and for forming sheet metal.
  • Overall length : 7 -1/2″

Soft Face Hammer with Handle

Item Code: NESFH-XX

  • Made from special grade of plastic round head, toughened.
  • Special application in automobile service center for removing dry dents & light maintenance work.

Product Code Diameter 
NESFH-20 20
NESFH-25 25
NESFH-30 30
NESFH-40 40
NESFH-50 50

Light Duty Hammers in Different Sizes

Item Code: NELDH-XX

  • Light Duty Hammer for Jewelers , Hobbyists, model makers.
  • Available in different  sizes 4 mm, 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm and  12 mm 

Swiss Style Riveting Hammer for Jewelers

Item Code: NESRH-XX

  • Riveting hammer available in Head Diameter 50 and 60mm
  • Made from metal with a wooden handle.
  • These hammers are a very light weight and used when when securing rivet ends.
  • The heads are relatively small to allow for precision. This hammer is very adaptable in the working environment, since it can stretch wires, making flat-headed rivets and many other uses.

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