Try Squares & Centre Finders

Center Finder Squares

Item Code: NECF-XX

  • Made from ground tool steel & has a hardened and tempered blade.
  • Used for finding centers on any round work piece by placing the job between the Centre Square. Scribing lines on work-piece changing the position. The co-inciding lines will form a centre of the work-piece.
  • Supplied in a wooden box.

Prod. Code                 Description
NECF-38 1-1/2″ (38 mm) Diameter
NECF-75 3″ (75 mm) Diameter
NECF-S2 Set of Above 2 Center Finders

Round Bar Centre Finder

Item Code: NERBCF-55

  • An effective tool for use with drilling or milling machines for location of centreline of Round bar.
  • 3/8 Inch shank fits collet or 3 jaw chuck.
  • Suitable for bar up to 55 mm Diameter

Wide Base Try Squares

Item Code: NEWTS-XXX

  • Manufactured from Stainless steel Square.
  • High Precision & ground.

Prod. Code Dimensions
NEWTS-085 80 mm x 50 mm
NEWTS-163 100 mm x 63 mm

Steel Try Square

Item Code: NETS-XXX

  • Very useful item for workshop’s engineer’s.
  • Stock is Precision Ground & Steel blades are hardened ground finish.
  • Workshop as well as A grade squares are offered.
  • Sets are supplied in good quality finish wooden box.

 Prod. Code     (A Grade) Blade Length (Inch) Blade Length (mm) Stock Length (Inch) Stock Length (mm)
NETS-050 2 50 2 50
NETS-075 3 75 2-1/2″ 60
NETS-100 4 100 3 75
NETS-150 6 150 4 100
NETS-200 8 200 5 125
NETS-225 9 225 6 160
NETS-250 10 250 6 160
NETS-300 12 300 8 200
NETS-450 18 450 10 250
NETS-600 24 600 13 330
NETS-915 36 915 17.5 445

Brass Vernier Caliper

Item Code: NEBVC-XXX

  • Pocket vernier caliper made of Brass.
  • Graduated in Inches & mm sizes.
  • Stepped jaw construction for inside & Outside measurement.

Prod. Code Range of Vernier
NEBVC-075 0 – 3 Inches ( 0- 75 mm )
NEBVC-100 0 – 4 Inches ( 0- 100 mm ) 

ASSORTS 8-Inch Stainless Steel Try Square

Item Code: NEASTS-AS

  • Stainless steel etched Blade stops any rust or corrosion.
  • Heavy duty aluminium stock rivetted to Blade at perfect 90 Degree.
  • Standard Inch as well as mm graduations.

Engineers Bell Punch For Finding Centre on a Round Bar

Item Code: NEFCRB-35

  • Very useful in finding Centre of a Round Bar very quickly, very accurately.
  • The Punch is hardened to hardness of 55+/-2HRC & precisely ground.
  • Its quite simple to use, Just put it on the round bar and punch it to find its centre,
  • It can find centre of a round bar upto 35 mm diameter.
  • Really helpful when you want to drill any round piece and needs to find its centre.

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