Trammel Sets

Clamp-On Trammel Set

Item Code: NECTS-32

  • Manufactured from high quality cast Iron & comes in a Black epoxy finish for lasting protection.
  • Have capacity to accept beam upto 1-1/8″ thickness by any width or length.
  • One end has a hardened steel point to act as a Pivot & the other in the pair has been designed to clamp a pencil as an additional optional use.

Steel Beam Trammel

Item Code: NESBT-XXX

  • Made from high quality steel & comes in a bright chrome finish.
  • Extremely useful for Draftmen, Toolmaker’s & Machinists.
  • Used for marking & Checking radius which are outside the capacities of ordinary dividers.
  • The trams are spring secured so they will not slide when the adjusting screws are loosened.

Prod. Code Length of Trammel Scribe Diameter 
NESBT-251A 10-1/2″ Long 18″ 
NESBT-251B 14-1/2″ Long 26″
NESBT-251C 20″ Long 36″

New Trammel Point Set

Item Code: NETPS-59A

  • Trammel Points to make circles and arcs of any diameter from 3″ (75 mm) to a big room size.
  • Accepts any beam size upto 1-1/2″ wide, & hardened steel 6″ scribing sharpened pins.
  • A pencil may be substituted for any of the pin in the set.

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