ER Type Collet Adapters

Collet Adaptors for E Type Collets

Item Code: NECA-XXX

  • Very Precise Item made of Tool Steel.
  • Fully Hardened & Ground.
  • Comes with a C- Spanner’
  • Below table is for Drawbar thread type adaptors but we do have same available in Teng type shanks as well.

Prod. Code Collet Type  Morse  Shank  Dia. Nut    Drawbar Thread   Clamping Range 
NECA- 2010   ER- 20  MT2 34     M10 2.0 – 13.0
NECA- 2510  ER- 25 MT2 42 M10 2.0 – 16.0
NECA-3210 ER-32 MT2 50 M10 2.0 – 20.0
NECA-2012 ER-20 MT3 34 M12 2.0 – 13.0
NECA-2512 ER-25 MT3 42 M12 2.0 – 16.0
NECA-3212 ER-32 MT3 50 M12 2.0 – 20.0
NECA-2516 ER-25 MT4 42 M16 2.0 – 16.0
NECA-3216 ER- 32 MT4 50 M16 2.0 – 20.0

ISO Shanks Collet Adapters

Item Code: NECA-ISO.XX

  • Very Precise Item made of Tool Steel.
  • Fully Hardened & Ground.
  • Comes with a C- Spanner

ER Collect Type Collet Adaptor (DIN 6499)

Item Code: NECA-ER

R8 Shank Collet Adaptor for E Type Collets

Item Code: NECAE-R8


  • Precision R8 Shank arbors- Made of Tool Steel.
  • Drawbar thread is 7/16″ UNF
  • Fully Hardened & Ground.
  • C- Spanner is not included.
  • Available with ER16, 20 & 25 collet adaptor options

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