Revolving Centre

Multi Point 7 Tips Revolving Centre

Item Code: NEMRC-07

  • This set comes with 7 different tips- 5 live centres, 1 Female Centre, 1 Pipe Centre Tip with an ejecting key.
  • Have 3 Bearings
  • Made of hardened & ground steel. The tips are also induction hardened.
  • Wide application on small mini lathes for hobbyists & modelmakers

Product Code Type of Shank
NEMRC-07.1 MT1
NEMPC-07.2 MT2
NEMPC-07.3 MT3

Pipe Centers

Item Code: NEPC-XXXX

  • These centres are used when you need to spin large diameter of pipe of hollow work.
  • Manufactured from heat treated high carbon alloy steel.
  • Precision ground, the Head revolves.

Product Code  Capacity    Length  Shank Type
NEPC-1980.2 19 mm – 80 mm 135 MT2
NEPC-2095.3 20 mm – 95 mm 170 MT3
NEPC-2650.4 26 mm – 50 mm  200 MT 4

Standard Point Live Center

Item Code: NESRC-X

  • Manufactured from hardened steel & fully precision ground for accuracy.
  • High quality ball bearings & taper bearing absorbs combined radial & thrusts load.
  • Guarantees a smooth movement with concentricity +/- 0.02 mm

Prod. Code   Type of Shank  Body Dia (inch) Body Dia (mm) OAL (Inch) OAL (mm)
NESRC-1    MT1 1-3/4 44 5 125
NESRC-2  MT2 1-3/4 44 5-3/8 136
NESRC-3  MT3 2-1/2 63 7-1/2 190
NESRC-4  MT4 2-1/2 63 8-1/2 216

Slim Long Body Live Center- High Precision

Item Code: NESRC-112.X

  • Manufactured from high quality tool steel.
  • Precision ground. Tip is hardened as well.
  • Multi bearing housing for better performance, i.e. Taper Bearing & Roller Bearing.
  • Runout is within 20 microns.

Prod. Code Morse Taper Body Dia. * O.A.L 
NESRC-112.A MT2 32 mm  130 mm
NESRC-112.B MT3 34 mm  130 mm

* O.A.L – Overall Body Length

Lathe Dead Centers

Item Code: NELDC-XXX

  • Manufactured from high carbon steel, fully hardened & precision ground to DIN 806 standards.
  • Available in Full and half dead centres with Carbide tips or HSS Tips.
  • The carbide /HSS tips are brazed into the socket with a close tolerance for maximum strenght.
  • Tip angle is 60 Degrees

Carbide Tipped Prod. CodeHSS Tipped Prod. CodeCarbon Steel Prod. CodeMorse TaperLengthDiameter
NELDC-C01   NELDC-H01  NELDC-S01  MT1      3-3/16  801/212.2
NELDC-C05NELDC-C05NELDC-S05MT58  200     1-25/32     44.7 

Mini Revolving Centre with MT0 & MT1 shanks

Item Code: NEMRC-MTX

  • Quality Mini revolving centers for your lathe machines.
  • Available in 0MT & 1MT precisely Ground shanks
  • Body Diameter is 23 mm 

 Codes   Shanks   Body Diameter
NEMRC-MT0  MT0 Shank  23 mm
NEMRC-MT1 MT1 Shank 23 mm 

Mini Lathe Live Revolving Centre for Peatol & Pultra Lathes

Item Code: NEMRC-P23

  • Precision Small Live Revolving Centre with shank that suits Pultra & Peatol lathe machines,
  • Small body diameter of  23 mm.
  • Quality Bearings for smooth & accurate performance.
  • Overall body Length 60 mm 

Revolving Tailstock Chuck Adaptor for Boxford & Myford Lathe Machines

Item Code: NENRC-XXX

  • 2MT Shank Triple Bearing Revolving Tailstock Chuck adaptor with Myford & Myford Threads for Lathe Machine.
  • Fitted with 2 Taper & 1 Radial Bearing in Body with a thread Nose 1-1/8″ x 12 TPI  instead of a Point Centre. (In case of Myford Thread) &  thread Nose 1-1/2″ x 8 TPI (In case of Myford Thread) 
  • To be used for long length work piece which is difficult to turn due to no support Or in case you use a Lathe steady, it may get into your way causing problems. so this adaptor is the solution where you can simply put a Boxford/ Myford chuck on the nose and grip your work job between the chucks. 
  • Body Length (Bearing Hosing) : 51.0 mm

Item Code  Nose Thread Body Diameter OAL (mm)
NENRC-Boxford  1-1/2″ x 8 TPI 44.5 mm  160 mm 
NENRC-Myford  1-1/8″ x 12 TPI 44.5 mm  160 mm

Quality Revolving 2MT Live Center- JT2 Taper with Drill Chuck Capacity 1-10 mm

Item Code: NE2MRC-JT2

  • An Ideal Quality Live Revolving Center Centre for Small Lathe Machines
  • Small Body Diameter of 38 mm & Bearing Case Length of 24 mm.
  • Body made of Quality Tool Steel. Double Bearing load.
  • Supplied in 2MT Shank. Shank is Hard & precisely Ground.
  • Supplied with a JT2 Taper Drill Chuck Capacity 1- 10 mm

Standard Point Triple Bearing Premium Revolving Center

Item Code: NESRC-P.XX

  • Manufactured from hardened tool steel & fully precision ground for accuracy.
  • High quality ball bearings & taper bearing absorbs combined radial & thrusts load , guarantees smooth rotation.

Prod. Code   Type of Shank  Body Dia (inch) Body Dia (mm) OAL (Inch) OAL (mm)
NESRC-P.MT1    MT1 1-3/4 44 5 125
NESRC-P.MT2  MT2 2 50 6-1/8 155
NESRC-P.MT3  MT3 2 50 6-1/8 155
NESRC-P.MT4  MT4 2-1/2 63 8-1/2 216

Premium Standard Point Revolving Live Center

Item Code: NEPSRC-XX

  • Features Precision High Quality Double Bearings Live Revolving Center Centre
  • Body is made from Alloy steel grade of EN8D and EN31 is used for Quill/ Point Center
  • Used quality Z type bearing (covered), so that the grease inside when melt at high temperature during working will remain locked and sealed.
  • The body ID(s)/ bearing casing of the Revolving Centers are internally grounded who only provide machined ID(s). This grinded inside body gives best control on the run out after bearing and quill fitting.
  • Comes in MT1, MT2, MT3, MT4 & MT5 Shanks. 
  • Hardened and Precisely Ground

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